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She escaped, but girls who stay in the sex trade see their market value plummet: a couple of hundred dollars for a pre-teen, up to for a 12-year-old and on a steadily sliding scale thereafter.

Sarom has no idea how much she changed hands for, but thinks it was -6 a time. In a festering Phnom Penh slum known simply as “the building”, where children play on garbage tips, watching parents hawk their beautiful 13-year-old daughter to sweating, middle-aged tourists makes twisted sense; she is the only thing they of value they have.

For many -- 38 percent, according to a 2007 report by the International Organization for Migration -- entry into the sex trade comes by selling their virginity, sometimes for as little as 0.

Some do so ‘voluntarily’; most are trafficked or tricked.

“You think you’ve seen it all and then something new comes along.

“Its levels of depravity,” explains Irishman Kevin Doyle, editor of the Cambodia Daily.For $0-1,000 and a little more time, they will locate a virgin, boy or girl.Campaigners say children as young as three are still being trafficked and rented out all over this country, mostly to Asian men but increasingly to foreign tourists pouring in through some of the most open borders in the world.In the run-up to a high-profile visit by former Irish president Mary Robinson in 2002, ten Vietnamese prostitutes, including a girl aged 13, were imprisoned and deported back to Vietnam."I can only say I regret the Cambodian court verdict," Robinson said at the time.

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Today, with tourism increasing by 30 percent a year and many cops, judges and politicians on the take, the illegal sex trade is booming.

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