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For whatever reason, good or bad these fans support their ship in a unique way that grabs others attention.Exo are known to be paired with any girl they ‘lay eyes one’.Chorong found by Suho resembles his deceased lover and surprisingly she is the one bound to his arranged marriage.Meanwhile Eunji is ready for " I will make you mine no matter what and I will do anything for destroyed your relationship with him! forget me and move on " - Chorong " No matter what I'll be your side and I'll be the best husband She's been heart broken before and he never been in love before.Exopink kaieun kai naeun exo apink baekhyun taeyeon sehun hayoung eunji bomi chen chanyeol surong suho chorong namjoo.

Maafin Kai ya tuhan, kalau kai entar bakal di bacok D.Namjoo is tired of her brother, Suho's overprotectiveness towards her, so she comes to the conclusion that the only solution is finding him a girlfriend and the victim is no other than her best friend Chorong...However, she doesn't know her best friend has been crushing on her brother for a long time already... A hundred years ago, the fairy land was meant for peace and harmony. There were several boys in her life that will affects her relationship with Myungsoo. We are one ₩ won ₩ Story of four people's journey of love.When Junmyeon is bound to marry someone chosen by his family, Chanyeol unexpectedly run into his ex lover.

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Just making the list, apink x exo ships is at number 10 for example of ships based purely on looks and rumors after rumors this ship is slowing faded as these rumors don’t meet reality.

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