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I'm not sure this really set the stage for Salinger's masterpiece, but I enjoyed reading it.

If you get this edition, skip the introduction until after you read this short book, then go back and read the intro.

The publication of the book coincided with the publication of the first volume of Proust's "Remembrance...", and in its elegiac beauty, "The Lost Domain" influenced not only fantasy writers such as George Mac Donald, but modern writers such as F.

Scott Fitzgerald ("The Great Gatsby") and Evelyn Waugh ("Brideshead Revisited").

Author John Fowles, so affected, credits this book as being a major influence on his own bestseller "The Magus." Admittedly, any objective literary critic will recognize and must admit the work is stylistically flawed (even the admiring Fowles says as much), but only a curmudgeon would choose to dwell on this truly one-of-a-kind book's imperfections.

Subtitles of different languages may be downloaded for free as a file from our site.This is a very special book depicting one young man's mysterious transition from childhood to adulthood; it should be read by those who can still remember what it was like to be young and impressionable, a time of discovering life and the world, and being in love (for the first time) with one very special person in that world.Events depicted in this enchanting story seem quite real as we encounter them, but their reality ultimately proves to be not unlike the reality of dreams, which we (upon waking, recalling, and reflecting) ultimately recognize as having been more fanciful than factual, rooted in reality but operating somehow outside it.And to me, Buss's English syntax occasionally seems stilted.Again, neither is terrible, but given the luxury of comparative choice, Hashmi's and Buss's translations are not as much to my liking as Davison's and Russell's.

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