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Paul Keen 'we we're overwhelmed with enquiries for the sale and were expecting some good results...Read More A stunning diamond ring has sold for a record sum at a Plymouth Auction Rooms this week, 29th April 2015.Read More Press Release-Western Morning News, 25th March 2017."An extremely buoyant art auction held in Plymouth last week proved that demands for contemporary and naïve Westcountry artists has never been higher.With so many British artist’s to invest in or collect the works produced by the likes of Robert Lenkiewicz, Beryl Cook and Brian Pollard of Plymouth, still command as much interest as all the others.Auctioneer Paul Keen of the Plymouth Auction Rooms says ‘the great results achieved at this sale prove that local art is...

Fine jewellery, rare clocks, precious hard stones and Chinese works of art attracted worldwide attention with a record amount of online bidders recorded at the sale.

Bidders from as far as the middle east and the US competed for a remarkable 4 carat diamond ring that had been in the same Westcountry family for over fifty years.

It was purchased in 1961 from Pellegrin Jewellers of Marseille, France.

On board were 1600 passengers and over 200 crew and a valuable cargo of Chinese porcelain bound for the trading markets of South East Asia. He moved to South Africa at only twenty-one, when his company posted him to Cape Town.

After some years he was transferred to Durban, where he lived for thirty years.

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